COD GHOST: A ravishing journey commences…

COD GHOST: A ravishing journey commences…

As you hear stories from the unique narrator in COD: Ghost, Logan Walker, you get a great feeling that links you closely with the world that seems mythical but very, very coherent. Whilst players presuppose the role of Logan for most of the time in the game, several other acting characters; include an astronaut –cum-specialist called Baker, with Logan’s father, named Elias Walker.

Prominent Weapons in the game

COD: Ghost highlights a variety of multiple players’ weapons that can get custom-made along with a variety of attachments. Weapon selection depends upon personal choice. Like the manner in which the guns are fashioned categorically. Also, it happens very rarely that one immensely superior-quality weapon might remain as the only weapon of choice for SMG or Assault Rifle. All in all it comes down to what you desire. Choice of right kind of weapon for mapping and its mode is rather much more crucial to note than selecting a single specific gun of a particular weapon that is classified.

Releasing dates for COD: Ghost

All the players are jumping with joy as they can’t lay their hands off Call of Duty: Ghosts, the 2013, direct shooting video game forwarded by Infinity Ward, in conjunction with Raven Software along with Neversoft. Post that the game got published by Activision. As the tenth primary episode got presented in Call of Duty series and got recognized as the sixth one built up by Infinity Ward, the game got immensely popular. COD: Ghost was made public for MS Windows, PlayStation version 3, Xbox upgraded version 360, and on Wii U on Nov. 5, 2013, assisted by Treyarch to handle the port for Wii U. Releasing date for the game on next-generation equipment PlayStation number 4 and Xbox number One has been recorded officially as Nov. 15, 2013, and Nov. 22, 2013, correspondingly, so that it would fall on the same day as the console release date. Also, many retailers bagged the opportunity to release the same earlier for PS 4. This game is a ‘must-play-it-on’ for all the enthusiasts.

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